Who is Jasmin Hadrany?

Jasmin Hadrany was born on july 12, 1997.
She has been drawing since her childhood and besides music, it was always her biggest passion.

Jasmin studied business law and business administration at the University of Economics in Vienna.

During her studies she tried herself in different job fields, from large law firms to management consultancies - but the urge to express herself artistically has become so great that she decided to take her artistic career to the next level.  In 2021, she started to show her art online and got a lot of positive feedback on her art, followed by her first solo exhibition.


Jasmin cites her artistic focus as being the human body, in all its facets. Hadrany endeavors to capture people in their most beautiful and ugly moments, interpreting them in her personal and distinctive, modern manner. Her style is both clear and minimalist.

Exhibitions & more: